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Building in progress

24 juni 2022

After several years of planning, preparation, technical drawings and application for building permits, the time is finally here: we are going to build a bar / restaurant here at Nautesund Camping!
The ground work has now been going on for several weeks, and now that the construction itself has begun to take shape, it is time to give it a little more publicity.
In recent weeks, rocks have been blasted and the ground is made even, a ring wall has been built and the floor has been cast.
Erection of the wooden construction began 20/6. The building pictures are from 20/6, 21/6 and 23/6. Attached are also some impression images of what the building will look like when it is completed.
As can be seen from these images, a terrace is planned. This terrace will be on the south side facing the sea with views to the east, south and west!
The interior will be cozy and the menu will be international.
We hope our future guests will be just as enthusiastic as we are about our new exciting project here at our campsite!


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