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Important to know

Sanitary facilities - Utility room - Kitchen

The sanitary facilities in the reception building are open all year.
We expect that restrooms and showers are kept in order. Make sure it is cleaned after use.
Leave the toilet and shower the way you want to find it !!!
The kitchen has to be cleaned after use. Benches and hobs must be wiped off and food residues must be removed from the washbasin.
Write your name on foods placed in the freezer or in the fridge on the cooker room.
The laundry room is cleaned after use. Benches and sink must be wiped off.
The washing machine and tumble dryer should not be used after 11 PM. 

Pavilion / terrace

There is a pavilion / terrace on the southwest side of the campsite down by the sea, and it can be used by everyone.
If anyone wishes and have a private gathering, this must be agreed in advance with the manager at Nautesund Camping.
It is not allowed to smoke inside the pavilion, neither barbecueing (that must be done on the rock, not on the terrace either).
We expect that the building is kept in order. Make sure it is cleaned up for your own use and leave the building as you wish to find it !!!


ONLY common household waste (food residue, food and small packaging) is allowed to throw in the garbage container. Everything else you have to transport yourself from the campsite and deliver at an approved recycling station. Including: grills, camping chairs and tables, tablecloths, larger matresses / blankets, and electrical items.
Fish waste and residues of filleting etc. have to be thrown into the sea.


It is allowed to take dogs, but they should always be on a leash. Please avoid lawns and beach / seashore when dogs are aired for sanitary stops. Faeces have to be removed in plastic bags and preferably disposed of in the large garbage container.

Behavior, calm and order

Everyone who lives at the campsite shall show courtesy, good conduct and mutual respect for others in such a way that there is good order.
Night silence will be between 11 PM and 8 AM (saturdays from 12 PM) and unnecessary noise should be avoided.
In the case of group events it can be arranged that it ends later than 24 PM.

Cars and parking

  • We ask that everyone is driving at low speed (20 km / h) inside the campsite (also because there are many children playing around).
  • It is not allowed to wash / flush private cars inside the campsite area. 

Bonfires and other open fires

Bonfires and other open fires are not permitted without the approval of the manager at Nautesund Camping.
Woods and branches on the ground / area can not be used. Firewood that is stacked at the garage by the sea can not be used either. If you wish to buy firewood, please contact the manager at Nautesund Camping.


Smoking in the sanitary building, kiosk or in the cabins and in the community pavilion is not allowed.


All guests are responsible for their own safety in the widest sense. This applies to the playground and areas by the sea, harbours, etc.

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